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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I win a prize?

For a chance to win, just follow these simple steps:
- Register or login
- Take our interactive jam & preserve quiz
- Answer seven or more questions out of nine correctly in order to be entered into the digital weekly and mega prize raffle draws.

Do I have to play the quiz each week in order to be eligible for each weekly raffle draw?

No. Playing the quiz one time enters you into all eight of the weekly draws as well as the Mega prize raffle draw.

Are there ways for me to increase my chances of winning the weekly & Mega draw prizes?

Yes. You are able to double your chances of winning a weekly prize & the Mega prize by sharing your eligible score on Facebook OR Twitter (as long as you have answered correctly seven or more questions out of nine). Keep in mind, sharing on both social media networks will just double your chances once.

How many prizes in total can I win?

Each household can ONLY win twice: participants can win ONE weekly prize from the weekly raffle draw as well as the Mega Prize draw.

What are the prizes to be won?

The prizes to be won are:
- eight weekly prizes valued at SR 2,500 each
- One Mega Prize valued at SR 15,000

How are winners selected and how are winners notified?

Winners are selected by randomized digital raffle draws Each week, the weekly randomized raffle draw will take place. At the conclusion of the competition the Mega Prize digital randomized raffle draw will be conducted. All winners will be notified by email.

What are the dates of the activity?

The jam & preserve quiz competition will take place from October 22nd - December 22nd, 2014.

How do I receive my prize?

Each winner will be notified via email and requested to fill in a prize delivery form. Upon the completion of the form, winners will be contacted by an al alali representative to arrange prize delivery or pickup. Notified winners must complete and send the prize delivery form by January 11th, 2015.